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  • Australaves | kuşlar sınıflandırması

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  • Cariamiformes | prehistoric creatures of the order | kuşlar sınıflandırılması | australaves

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  • Passerine

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  • Pidén Austral, Aves de Chile

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  • Flamenco Austral, Aves de Lobería

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  • Imagine Dragons - Birds (Animated Video)

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  • bird order Psittaciformes

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  • Crow Solves An 8 Step Puzzle To Get Food. Incredible!

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  • What is Clade? Explain Clade, Define Clade, Meaning of Clade

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  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

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  • Constructing a Cladogram

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Australaves is a recently defined clade of birds, consisting of the Eufalconimorphae as well as the Cariamiformes. They appear to be the sister group of Afroaves. As in the case of Afroaves, the most basal clades have predatory extant members, suggesting this was the ancestral lifestyle; however, some researchers like Darren Naish are skeptical of this assessment, since some extinct representatives such as the herbivorous Strigogyps lead other lifestyles. Basal parrots and falcons are at any rate vaguely crow-like and probably omnivorous.

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