Austrian Silesia

Austrian Silesia

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  • War of the Austrian Succession (Every Other Day)

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  • What is Silesia? Explain Silesia, Define Silesia, Meaning of Silesia

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  • Mein Schlesierland ● Schlesierlied [Anthem of Silesia][+English translation]

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  • Es zog ein Regiment von Ungarland [Austrian soldier song][+English translation]

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  • Silesian Wars

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  • Frederick the Great - 1 Minute Biography

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  • A Taste of Vienna

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  • Louis XIV and Maria Theresa | BIO Shorts | Biography

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  • What Happened to Prussia? (Short Animated Documentary)

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  • The House of Habsburg

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  • America first - Czech version (Official)

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  • The Habsburg Empire

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  • All Holy Roman Emperors Rank: From Very Good to Very Bad( 800 AD-1806 AD) 4k.

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Austrian Silesia, officially the Duchy of Upper and Lower Silesia, was an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Bohemia and the Austrian Empire, from 1867 a Cisleithanian crown land of Austria-Hungary. It is largely coterminous with the present-day region of Czech Silesia and was, historically, part of the larger Silesia region.

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