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  • Neo-Pilottone

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  • Pilottone 'FuturePast' Excerpt

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  • pilottone

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  • OFDM: Introduction to Pilot Tones (0027)

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  • Sync Sound Pilot Tone Generator

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  • John F. Kennedy Bio: Life and Presidential Career

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  • Hubert H Humphrey: The Art of the Possible

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  • Why Did the Bay of Pigs Invasion Fail? (Short Animated Documentary)

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  • Hamburg in Motion 2014, timelapse, hyperlapse.

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  • India's COVID-19 deaths hit record high

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  • FORA.tv Services - Single Camera vs. Multi-Camera

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  • Trigonometry - The graphs of sin and cos

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  • How do quartz clocks work? - Clocks And Watches Explained

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Pilottone and the related neo-pilottone are special synchronization signals recorded by analog audio recorders designed for use in motion picture production, to keep sound and vision recorded on separate media in step. Before the adoption of timecode by the motion picture industry in the late 1980s, pilottone-sync was the basis of all professional magnetic motion picture sound recording systems, whereas most amateur film formats used pre-striped magnetic coating on the film itself for live-sound recording.

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