Pinta Art Show

Pinta Art Show

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  • Pinta Art Fair 2016

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  • Pinta Art Fair Photos - New York City 2008

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  • Light Artist Alex Dowis Paints Inspirational Story In COMPLETE DARKNESS! - America's Got Talent 2019

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  • Art Pinata Studio - Twilight Sparkle

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  • Artist SHOCKS Judges After Pressing Red Buzzers! | Got Talent Global

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  • New York City Guide - Lonely Planet travel video

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  • London Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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  • What Is Abstract Art?

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  • Behind the Scenes at a Christie's Auction

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  • "The Scream" Sotheby's Auction

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  • Hispanic Americans reflect on immigration, culture, and identity

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  • May 18, 1973 Earl's Court Exhibition Hall, London, England

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  • Why supporting Wifredo Lam matters

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Pinta Art Show annually exhibits modern and contemporary artworks from Latin American artists in international settings. Based in New York City, the art fair also travels to London, allowing visitors, galleries, artists, collectors, curators, and cultural institutions to strengthen their existing knowledge and develop new connections with the Latin American art world. Pinta features works by both emergent and established visual artists. Art pieces range in diversity from concrete, neo-concrete, and kinetic to conceptual and abstract.

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