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  • GEMITAIZ - "Pistorius" feat. MADMAN

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  • Oscar Pistorius Removes Prosthetic Legs in Court

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  • Oscar Pistorius guilty: listen to the judge's verdict

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  • Cori ultras Lanciano (odio il kebab/Pistorius)

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  • Oscar Pistorius trial: The ballistics evidence

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  • Pistius truncatus běžník lichoběžníkovitý

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  • Eugene Simon & Tasie Dhanraj Intervew - House Of Anubis Season 2 UK Premiere

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  • A Goldenrod Crab Spider Catches Hover fly Ischiodon sp

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  • Asia/Continent of Asia/Asia Geography

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  • Maroon 5 - Animals (Lyrics)

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  • HOSHI ‘Spider’ Official MV

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  • Learn Shark Species in English! Learn Shark Names in English! Types of Sharks for Kids! Shark List🦈

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Pistius is a genus of crab spiders with nine described species. Most occur in Asia, only P. truncatus has a palaearctic distribution.

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