Plan Patriota

Plan Patriota

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  • Logros del Plan Colombia y Plan Patriota

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  • Plan Patriota: años difíciles para el bloque Antonio Nariño

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  • Análisis del Plan de consolidación en Caquetá y Meta

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  • Plan Patriota CAS Part 2

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  • Trump: "El futuro no pertenece a los globalistas, pertenece a los patriotas"

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  • Human rights in two minutes

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  • How is power divided in the United States government? - Belinda Stutzman

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  • On the importance of Non Governmental Organizations (NGO's)

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  • Fragile peace between Colombia's government and FARC under threat | DW News

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  • 'Plan Colombia': A Human Rights Disaster?

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  • In the jungle with the ELN, the last Colombian guerilla | AFP

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  • Corruption underpins Colombia's political battles

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Plan Patriota is military plan developed by the Government of Colombia with the financial support of the Government of the United States in an effort to uproot the guerrilla groups in Colombia, more specifically the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP) and the National Liberation Army (ELN). The plan is part of the government of President Álvaro Uribe's democratic security doctrine. The plan is also intended to get military presence to the most remote areas of Colombia, where the guerrilla had enclaves, and enable the introduction of social programs. Some analysts consider the plan to be a sort of second phase of Plan Colombia.

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