Avestan alphabet

Avestan alphabet

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  • Old Persian numbers and letters English/Persian فارسى

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  • History of Avestan Language

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  • Yasna 28, Avestan

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  • Russian and Sanskrit are one and the same language. English subtitles.

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  • Belajar Huruf Abjad Alfabet ABCD Bahasa Indonesia 💖 Belajar Membaca Untuk Anak TK

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  • Excerpts from The Avesta

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  • Intro to Phonology: Phonemes & Allophones (lesson 1 of 4)

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  • What is Shapur I? Explain Shapur I, Define Shapur I, Meaning of Shapur I

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  • UniPsalter Pahlavi

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  • The Sound of the Middle Persian / Pahlavi language (Numbers, Greetings, Words & Sample Text)

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  • Unicode

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The Avestan alphabet is a writing system developed during Iran's Sassanid era (226–651 CE) to render the Avestan language.

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