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  • COLEOPTERA Prioninae Macroddontia cervicornis

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  • Coleoptera/prioninae H.seripierreai

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  • Prioninae Callipogon armillatus 125 mm

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  • I'm Looking for Prioninae sp.

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  • How to Pronounce prioninae - American English

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  • Cerambycidae || Longicorns || Long horned beetles || Round headed borers

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  • Beware of the Titan Beetle, they are not very nice

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  • Caminhos - Banda Noema

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  • Mallodon sp. Sinaloa

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  • DISGUSTINGLY AWESOME: California Root Borer larva (Prionus Californicus) close up video of movement

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  • Giant Longhorn Callipogon Armillatus

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The Prioninae are a subfamily of Cerambycidae. They are typically large (25–70 mm) and usually brown or black. The males of a few genera sport large mandibles that are used in fights with other males, similar to stag beetles. These beetles are commonly nocturnal and are attracted to light. The majority of the Prioninae whose biology is known are borers whose larvae feed on rotting wood or roots.

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