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  • Pagkagising sa Umaga : Ang Mga Ibon Na Lumilipad | Pinoy BK Channel🇵🇭 | TAGALOG CHRISTIAN SONG

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  • LIVE đź”´ Brahmakumaris Non Stop Meditation Songs। BK Non-stop Divine Songs। BK Live Divine Songs ।

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  • 24x7 "LIVE" đź”´ | Brahma Kumaris | "Om Shanti Channel" | 21st January, 2022

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  • LuLaLey (Action Song) | Pinoy BK Channel🇵🇭 | TAGALOG FOLK SONGS FOR KIDS (AWITING PAMBATA)

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  • b.k channel

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BK channels (Big Potassium), also known as Maxi-K, slo1, or Kcal.1, are voltage-gated potassium channels that conduct large amounts of potassium ions (K+) across the cell membrane, hence their name, Big Potassium. These channels can be activated (opened) by either electrical means, or by increasing calcium concentrations in the cell. BK channels help regulate physiological processes, such as circadian behavioral rhythms and neuronal excitability. BK channels are also involved in many processes in the body, as it is a ubiquitous channel. They have a tetrameric structure that is composed of a transmembrane domain, voltage sensing domain, potassium channel domain, and a cytoplasmic C-terminal domain, with many X-ray structures for reference. Their function is to repolarize the membrane potential by allowing for potassium to flow outward, in response to a depolarization or increase in calcium levels.

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