Bahmani Sultanate

Bahmani Sultanate

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  • Rare Coin of Bahmani Sultanate, AH 841-860

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  • Tomb of Bahamani Sultan Ahmad Shah al-Wali

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  • Bahmani Sultanate

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  • Bahmani Sultanate | Wikipedia audio article

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  • Art and Architecture of Bahamani kingdom

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  • Ahmadnagar Sultanate (Nizam Shahi dynasty)

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  • What's the Difference Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims?

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  • Murder during Ganpati Visarjan in Gulbarga

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  • Age of Empires IV - The Delhi Sultanate

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The Bahmani Sultanate was a Muslim state of the Deccan in South India and one of the major medieval Indian kingdoms. Bahmanid Sultanate was the first independent Muslim kingdom in South India. The Kingdom later split into five offshoots that were collectively known as the Deccan sultanates.The last remnant of the Bahmani sultanate was defeated and destroyed in 1509 by Vijayanagar Empire.

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