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  • The Making of a Sculpture

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  • Artist Makes Hyperrealistic Sculptures Of Celebrities

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  • Amazing Art -Toothpick Sculpture - COOLEST THING I'VE EVER MADE: EP4

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  • Sculpture Learning: How to sculpt a female torso

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  • MrBeast's head made from polymer clay, sculpture timelapse【Clay Artisan JAY】#Shorts

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Sculpture is a feature of many of the shells of mollusks. It is three-dimensional ornamentation on the outer surface of the shell, as distinct from either the basic shape of the shell itself or the pattern of colouration, if any. Sculpture is a feature found in the shells of gastropods, bivalves, and scaphopods. The word "sculpture" is also applied to surface features of the aptychus of ammonites, and to the outer surface of some calcareous opercula of marine gastropods such as some species in the family Trochidae.

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