Balinese Kshatriya

Balinese Kshatriya

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Balinese Kshatriya is a Hindu Kshatriya community which exists in the island of Bali in Indonesia. During the second half of the sixth century, Bali had a strong Kshatriya ruling dynasty. The rulers were mostly indigenous Balinese with some Indian blood. These clans mostly belonged to the Nāgavanshi dynasty. However, in due time, these indigenous Kshatriyas became extinct and were replaced by the Javanese Kshatriyas who immigrated to Bali. Most of the Kshatriyas now living in Bali are claimed to be the descendants of the King Dewa Agung, who immigrated to Bali from Java. However, there are also a few other Kshatriya clans who were elevated to the Kshatriya status from the Vaishya varna. All together, Kshatriyas constitute around 4% of the total Balinese Hindu population.

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