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  • Gempa Magnitudo 6,7 Guncang Banten

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  • Gempa 6,7 Magnitudo di Banten, Jakarta Berguncang

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  • (BREAKING NEWS) Gempa M 6,7 Guncang Banten, Getaran Terasa Hingga Jakarta!

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  • Gempa M 6,7 Banten Terasa di Jakarta, Karyawan 'Berlomba' Turun dari Gedung!

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  • Gempa 6,6 Magnitudo Guncang Jakarta, Pusat Gempa di Banten

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  • Indonesia Geography/Country of Indonesia

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  • Brooklyn converted from Christianity to Islam | #Shorts

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  • Capitalism and the Dutch East India Company: Crash Course World History 229

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  • Jakarta, Indonesia 🇮🇩 - by drone [4K]

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  • How to Grow Black Pepper (Piper nigrum)

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  • Srivijaya Empire

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  • History of the Dutch East Indies: Every Year

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  • Road trip up the Coromandel coast

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Banten, also written as Bantam, is a small port town located near the western end of Java. It has a secure harbour at the mouth of Banten River that provides a navigable passage for light craft into the island's interior. The town is close to the Sunda Strait through which important ocean-going traffic passes between Java and Sumatra. Formerly Old Banten was the capital of a sultanate in the area, was strategically important and a major centre for trade.

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