Barn (unit)

Barn (unit)

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  • Barn Unit 3

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  • Almost Missed this Manifest In Brady, NE With CN Barn Unit

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  • Pole barn Unit Renovation. # 1

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  • Crystal Barn unit part 2 February 2017

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A barn is a unit of area equal to 10−28 m2 (100 fm2). Originally used in nuclear physics for expressing the cross sectional area of nuclei and nuclear reactions, today it is also used in all fields of high-energy physics to express the cross sections of any scattering process, and is best understood as a measure of the probability of interaction between small particles. A barn is approximately the cross-sectional area of a uranium nucleus. The barn is also the unit of area used in nuclear quadrupole resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance to quantify the interaction of a nucleus with an electric field gradient. While the barn is not an SI unit, the SI standards body acknowledges its existence due to its continued use in particle physics.

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