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  • Desmia sp. crambid snout moths - Ćma (Crambidae - Spilomelinae)

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  • Subfamily Spilomelinae Moth

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  • Borboleta Crambidae (Spilomelinae)

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  • Antigastra cataulunalis Moth

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  • Spoladea recurvalis Moth Video

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  • Snout Moth Crambini sp (Ditrysia - Pyraloidea - Crambidae)

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  • Sisyracera subulalis

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  • Ag Minute — What is Sorghum?

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  • LSD - Genius (Lyrics) ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth

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  • Solanaceae - The Blood Of My Lady

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  • Reproduksi Tumbuhan Gymnospermae #BelajarDiRumah

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  • Amazing Facts About Ferns

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Spilomelinae is a very large subfamily of the lepidopteran family Crambidae, the crambid snout moths. They were formerly included in the Pyraustinae as tribe Spilomelini; furthermore taxonomists' opinions differ as to the correct placement of the Crambidae, some authorities treating them as a subfamily (Crambinae) of the family Pyralidae. If this is done, Spilomelinae is usually treated as a separate subfamily within Pyralidae. The Spilomelinae are believed to be polyphyletic. Many genera are only tentatively placed here even at this point.

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