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  • The Basij: A Sincere Army of Allah | Imam Khamenei

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  • The Basij of Iran Origins and Results

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  • [ENG SUBS] Basij Parade Before The Supreme Leader

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  • Basij commander : If American attacked by us they will be not able to fight back !

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  • Basij member guns down Iranian citizen in ongoing protests.

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  • Who Is Imam Khomeini?

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  • Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei Inspects Military Foot Drills Depicting Collapse of The White House

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  • 10 years of war in Syria: a timeline | AFP

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  • Stores Using Surveillance Software to Collect Data on Customer Behavior | The New York Times

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  • What Happened in the Iran-Iraq War? | History

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  • The 1979 Iran Revolution: How It Happened

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  • Ali Khamenei Lifestyle || Bio,Family,Age,Education,Facts,Net Worth & More Info

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  • A beginner’s guide to hijabs

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The Basij, Niruyeh Moghavemat Basij, full name Sāzmān-e Basij-e Mostaz'afin, is one of the five forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. A paramilitary volunteer militia established in Iran in 1979 by order of Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of the Iranian Revolution, the organization originally consisted of civilian volunteers who were urged by Khomeini to fight in the Iran–Iraq War.

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