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  • Tamure (official music video) Asi Vaname x Nefro ft. Six7five

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  • Tamure - Asi Vaname x Nefro ft. Six7five

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  • Tamure Tiktok Challenge - Asi Vaname x Nefro ft. Six7Five (png music🇵🇬)

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  • Solomon Island Tamure Dance🌺

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  • Waikiki Tamure Dance

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  • Maluma, The Weeknd - Hawái (Remix - Official Video)

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  • Pitcairn Island (Adamstown) - Lonely but beautiful

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  • Ask a Local: Guam

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  • Care and Culture of Hibiscus

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  • Slice of life in the Islands of Tahiti

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  • Cook Islands The Ultimate Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit | Spider Tv | کک جزائر کی سیر

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  • 7 Facts about the tiny country of Niue

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  • Tahiti and Society Islands Cruise 2017

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The tāmūrē, or Tamouré as popularized in many 1960s recordings, is a dance from Tahiti and the Cook Islands and although denied by the local purists, for the rest of the world it is the most popular dance and the mark of Tahiti. Usually danced as a group of boys and girls, all dressed in more.

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