Taphrina padi

Taphrina padi

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  • Taphrina padi - fungi kingdom

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  • Taphrina deformans is a fungus and plant pathogen, and a causal agent of peach leaf curl

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  • Taphrina alni - fungi kingdom

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  • ¡Mi chopo tiene las hojas abolladas! Eso es por un hongo: Taphrina populina

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  • Taphrina kruchii on Quercus ilex

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  • Peach leaf curl | Taphrina deformans | Peach | Nectarine | Almond

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  • How to prevent and treat nail fungus

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  • Scientific Name Binomial Nomenclature

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  • What is Ascomycota? Explain Ascomycota, Define Ascomycota, Meaning of Ascomycota

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  • Detecting Plant Diseases in the Lab

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  • Position of gynoecium on the thalamus

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  • What Are Ascospores?

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  • Prunus padus (Bird Cherry) and Prunus virginiana (Chokecherry) Invasion of Alaska

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Taphrina padi is a fungal plant pathogen that induces the form of pocket plum gall that occurs on Bird Cherry. The gall is a chemically induced distortion of the fruits, which are swollen, hollow, curved and greatly elongated, without a seed or stone, but retaining the style. The twigs on infected plants may also be deformed with small strap-shaped leaves.

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