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  • Tarchon Sunspire - Summer 2013 Boss (Celtic Heroes)

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  • StarCraft 2: Terran Army Overview

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  • Tarchon Sunspine - Beltane 2013 Rare Spawn Boss (Celtic Heroes)

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  • Celtic Heroes - Tarchon Sunspire

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  • StarCraft 2: Terran in REAL SCALE!

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  • Improve English listening skills - Short Story 17 - The Cuckoo's Calling

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  • Perugia, Italy Walking Tour - 4K - Prowalk Tours

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  • STEMaP - Barbara Magi (Councilor of the Municipality of Arezzo)

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  • 4K - Volterra / Italy

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  • Places to see in ( Orvieto - Italy ) Torre del Moro

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  • 【4K】CORTONA Walking Tour

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  • Villa in Fiesole/ FOR SALE/ Marchesini Real Estate - ref. Mfi 103

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  • Attico in Vendita a Cerveteri (RM)

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In Etruscan mythology, Tarchon and his brother, Tyrrhenus, were culture heroes who founded the Etruscan League of twelve cities, the Dodecapoli. One author, Joannes Laurentius Lydus, distinguishes two legendary persons named Tarchon, the Younger and his father, the Elder. It was the Elder who received the Etrusca Disciplina from Tages, whom he identifies as a parable. The Younger fought with Aeneas after his arrival in Italy. The elder was a haruspex, who learned his art from Tyrrhenus, and was probably the founder of Tarquinia and the Etruscan League. Lydus does not state that, but the connection was being made at least as long ago as George Dennis. Lydus had the advantage in credibility, even though late, of stating that he read the part of the Etrusca Disciplina about Tages and that it was a dialogue with Tarchon's lines in "the ordinary language of the Italians" and Tages' lines in Etruscan, which was difficult for him to read. He relied on translations.

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