Tareq Ali Mursi

Tareq Ali Mursi

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  • Entrevista con Noam Chomsky y Tariq Ali - Diálogos con Julian Assange (E10)

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  • The Julian Assange Show: Noam Chomsky & Tariq Ali (E10)

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  • Breaking News: Mohamed Morsi elected Egypt's president (6/24/2012)

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  • Morsi calls for constitution to move ahead

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  • Turkey's Erdogan Attends Prayers for Egypt's Ex-President Morsi

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  • What's the difference between ISIS and Al Qaeda? | FRONTLINE

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  • Recorded Message from Osama bin Laden

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  • Islamic Jihad offers Egypt-brokered Israel truce as Gaza toll mounts

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  • Abdur Rahman Al Sudais Imam e Kaba Biography | Life Story Life History | Urdu Hindi | AZMI VOICE

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  • Pakistan - 16 Dead In Bomb At Egyptian Embassy

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  • Introduction Hazrat Allama Dr Abdul Aziz Al Khateeb (Shaam) - Amir Akhlaq Shami

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Tareq Ali Mursi was an alleged member of Egyptian Islamic Jihad. He was the subject of an extraordinary rendition from South Africa to face trial in Egypt.

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