Tartar Island

Tartar Island

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  • WHALER'S BAY, DECEPTION ISLAND | South Shetland Islands in Antarctica

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  • Weekly Wildlife: Crowned Pigeons and Chinstrap Penguins

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  • BirdLife International

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  • What is Important Bird Area?, Explain Important Bird Area, Define Important Bird Area

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Tartar Island is a small (13 ha), ice-free, oval-shaped island 0.6 km (0.37 mi) long, lying 0.7 km (0.43 mi) north-west of Round Point, off the north coast of King George Island in the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. It was named by the United Kingdom Antarctic Place-Names Committee (UK-APC) in 1960 for the sealing vessel Tartar from London, which visited the South Shetland Islands in 1821-22.

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