Tecoma fulva

Tecoma fulva

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  • reproducción tecoma fulva (chuve) por esqueje

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  • Difference between angiosperm and gymnosperm plants

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  • Scientific Name Binomial Nomenclature

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  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

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Tecoma fulva is a species of flowering plants native to South America. In the past, several species have been named, which are more recently considered to be subspecies.Tecoma fulva subsp. fulva Tecoma fulva subsp. altoandina J. R. I. Wood Tecoma fulva subsp. arequipensis (Sprague) J.R.I.Wood Tecoma fulva subsp. garrocha (Hieron.) J.R.I.Wood Tecoma fulva subsp. guarume (DC.) J.R.I.Wood Tecoma fulva subsp. tanaeciiflora (Kraenzl.) J.R.I.Wood

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