Batman Forever: The Arcade Game

Batman Forever: The Arcade Game

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  • Batman Forever: The Arcade Game (1996), MS-DOS game nr. 18

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  • SNES Longplay [149] Batman Forever

    YouTube 1:52:38
  • Batman Forever: The Arcade Game - SEGA Saturn (Batocera PC)

    YouTube 16:53
  • Dr Color DMD install Tutorial on SEGA Batman Forever pinball arcade game

    YouTube 17:28
  • Batman Forever: The Arcade Game (PSX) | 1080p Casual Let’s Play | DC Comics Video Game Anthology

    YouTube 30:19
  • Acclaim Entertainment 'Hall of Shame' (Zero Punctuation)

    YouTube 06:08
  • Mo3 - Beat Em Up (Official Video)

    YouTube 03:20
  • Acclaim Studios Austin - Gore Lizard (1999)

    YouTube 00:16
  • Batman Forever (1995) Official Trailer - Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones Superhero Movie HD

    YouTube 02:25
  • PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

    YouTube 03:12
  • Finding Sega's Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan

    YouTube 07:46
  • Evolution Of Street Fighter All Series Games (1987 - 2019)

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Batman Forever: The Arcade Game is a beat 'em up video game based on the movie Batman Forever. The subtitle is used to differentiate it from Batman Forever, another beat 'em up published by Acclaim at around the same time. One or two players, playing as Batman and Robin, fight Two-Face, the Riddler, and numerous henchmen.

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