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  • Manta ray, a giant of the ocean

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  • Martin Landh - The Batoidea

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  • Amazing Cutting Live Stingray (Batoidea) at Sai Kung Seafood Market in Hong Kong

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  • Batoidea fish#Batoidea the fish

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  • Ikan Pari (Pari Batoidea)

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Batoidea is a superorder of cartilaginous fish commonly known as rays. They and their close relatives, the sharks, comprise the subclass Elasmobranchii. Rays are the largest group of cartilaginous fishes, with well over 600 species in 26 families. Rays are distinguished by their flattened bodies, enlarged pectoral fins that are fused to the head, and gill slits that are placed on their ventral surfaces.

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