Battle of Baiji

Battle of Baiji

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  • 2017 Iraq War Intense Heavy Urban Firefights in Battle Baiji YouTube

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  • ISIS ISIL DAESH battle for Baiji then Iraq Military & KURDS main road to Mosul takeover

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  • Iraq: Battle for Baiji rages on as Shia militias report recapture of oil town

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  • Intense clash near Baiji Iraq 8/30/2014

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  • Fighting in Baiji

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  • Iraqi Forces Capture ISIS Snipers in the Northern city of Baiji بيجي‎

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  • What Happened in the Iran-Iraq War? | History

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  • Mosul: The Road to Recovery

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  • Iraqi Air Force F-16 Line Up in 2021

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  • Who was Qassem Soleimani, Iran's IRGC's Quds Force leader?

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  • Iraqi forces battle for the city of Tikrit

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  • Iraq: Anti-ISIS operation carried out in Saladin Governorate

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  • Hundreds of ISIL fighters surrender as Iraqi army advances in Hawija

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The Battle of Baiji (2014–15) was a battle that took place in Baiji, Iraq, lasting from late December 2014 to late October 2015. It gave Iraqi forces complete control of the highway stretching from Baghdad to Baiji, and will allow Iraqi forces to use Baiji as a base for launching a future assault on Mosul.

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