Battle of Dürenstein

Battle of Dürenstein

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  • Battle of Durenstein

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  • 【K】Austria Travel-Dürnstein[오스트리아 여행-뒤른슈타인]영국 리차드 왕이 억류되었던 뒤른슈타인 성/Durnstein Castle/Vineyard

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  • Dürnstein Castle Wachau Austria 08

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  • Dürnstein Castle Wachau Austria 01

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  • Travel Austria - Visiting the Town of Dürnstein

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  • Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Waterloo 1815

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The Battle of Dürenstein, on 11 November 1805, was an engagement in the Napoleonic Wars during the War of the Third Coalition. Dürenstein is located in the Wachau valley, on the river Danube, 73 kilometers (45 mi) upstream from Vienna, Austria. The river makes a crescent-shaped curve between Dürnstein and nearby Krems an der Donau, and the battle was fought in the flood plain between the river and the mountains.

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