Battle of Wavre

Battle of Wavre

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  • Grouchy's Waterloo; The battles of Ligny and Wavre

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  • Battle of Wavre - Reenactment 2014

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  • Battle at Wavre event 30.10.10

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  • Mount&Blade Warband MM Prussia The Battle of Wavre

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  • Wavre and Quatre Bras at the W.H.C.

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  • Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Waterloo 1815

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  • What is Battle of Montereau?, Explain Battle of Montereau, Define Battle of Montereau

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  • THE END OF NAPOLEON - THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO - Braine l’Alleud -Visit Belgium #38 /589

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  • Road to Waterloo - Quatre Bras

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The Battle of Wavre was the final major military action of the Hundred Days campaign and the Napoleonic Wars. It was fought on 18–19 June 1815 between the Prussian rearguard, consisting of the Prussian III Corps under the command of General Johann von Thielmann and three corps of the French army under the command of Marshal Grouchy. A blocking action, this battle kept 33,000 French soldiers from reaching the Battle of Waterloo and so helped in the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo.

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