Bavarian People's Party

Bavarian People's Party

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  • Bavarian People's Party

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  • How did Hitler rise to power? - Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard

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  • What Is Communism?

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  • August 2nd 1934 - Paul von Hindenburg dies | HISTORY CALENDAR

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  • Christian Social Union in Bavaria

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The Bavarian People's Party was the Bavarian branch of the Centre Party, a lay Roman Catholic party, which broke off from the rest of the party in 1918 to pursue a more conservative, more Bavarian particularist course. The party displayed monarchist leanings and there was a period of near separatism in the early 1920s, culminating in Gustav von Kahr's unwillingness to abide by rulings from Berlin during the autumn crisis of 1923. This only came to an end with the shock of Adolf Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch. Following the establishment of a more stable situation throughout Germany, the party came around to a more moderate line under the leadership of Ministerpräsident Heinrich Held and party president Fritz Schäffer.

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