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  • Subance x Uncle Ellis - Back Bend "2018 Soca" (Official Remix)

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  • [BATIM/SFM] bend sad (build our machine) short :3

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  • Ria Mae - Bend

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  • Salty x Travis World - Bend (Road Rage Riddim) "2018 Soca" (Official Audio)

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  • Back Bend (Remix)

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  • The Mistresses of Edward IV

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  • "What is Metonymy?": A Literary Guide for English Students and Teachers

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  • LiL PEEP x $UICIDEBOY$ - CROSS (miro edit)

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  • THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY | Official Trailer I HD I Sundance Selects

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  • If kids were in charge

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  • Gibson v Manchester City Council [1979]

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  • Beyoncé - Partition (Explicit Video)

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  • Arthur Plantagenet, 1st Viscount Lisle

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In heraldry, a bend is a band or strap running from the upper dexter corner of the shield to the lower sinister. Authorities differ as to how much of the field it should cover, ranging from one-fifth up to one-third. The supposed rule that a bend should occupy a maximum of one-third of the field appears to exclude the possibility of two or three bends being shown together, but contrary examples exist. Outside heraldry, the term "bend sinister" is sometimes used to imply ancestral illegitimacy.

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