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Conan the Adventurer

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Conan The Adventurer is a weekly one hour American television live action-adventure series. It was produced by Max A. Keller and Micheline Keller from 1997 to 1998 and loosely based on the fantasy hero Conan the Barbarian. The TV show premiered on September 22, 1997. It comprised 22 episodes and was filmed mainly in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. The series has reached many countries of the world, more than 150. Keller Entertainment Group, the same production company responsible for the series Tarzan: The Epic Adventures and Acapulco H.E.A.T., continues to market and distribute the series worldwide and the series has longevity among international broadcasters and DVD aggregators. The role of Conan was played by Ralf Moeller, two time Mr. Universe, a native of Germany, and friend to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The rest of the ensemble cast included Danny Woodburn (Otli), Robert McRay (Zzeben), T.J. Storm (Bayu), Aly Dunne (Karella), and briefly, Andrew Craig (Vulkar). The script for the 2 hour pilot was written by Steve Hayes, the head of Project Development for the series. The show was not promoted to be "authentic Conan", but rather a mixture of Arnold Schwarzenegger's and John Milius' interpretation of Conan. Indeed, the storyline deviated from the essence of the Conan character, as well as that of the Conan earlier depicted in the various Conan comic book series by Marvel Comics, because the adaptation was too peaceful and childish.

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