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  • Douglas de Paula - K2-155d

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  • 地球2.0揭密,有水適合人居

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  • Scientists Discover Habitable 'Super-Earth' Among 15 New Planets | NYOOOZ TV

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  • A New Instrument to Look for Exoplanets

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  • Aliens could be looking back at dinosaurs from planet K2-18B

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  • Kepler Space Telescope End of Mission

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  • An Introduction to the James Webb Space Telescope Mission

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  • Solar Radiance and Irradiance

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  • Explaining the Circumstellar Habitable Zone

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  • W. M. Keck Observatory - Overview

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  • Climate modelling

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  • The Subaru Telescope in the Moonlight and the Rising Summer Milky Way

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  • Laser speckle live imaging

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K2-155d is a potentially habitable Super-Earth exoplanet in the K2-155 system. It is the outermost of three known planets orbiting K2-155, a bright red dwarf star in the constellation Taurus. It is one of 15 new exoplanets around red dwarf stars discovered by Japanese astronomer Teruyuki Hirano of the Tokyo Institute of Technology and his team. The team used data from NASA's Kepler Space Telescope during its extended K2 "Second Light" mission. K2-155d orbits near the so-called habitable zone of its system, and has the potential to host liquid water.

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