Noel and Liam: A story of love and hate

Noel and Liam: A story of love and hate

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  • 100% Oasis, hits and problems on stage

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  • Noel Gallagher on why Oasis split up

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  • Noel Gallagher: I'll never leave Oasis - interview

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  • OASIS SPLIT - Sky News reports, fans, John Harris and Clint Boon speak - 29th August 2009

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  • Oasis: The Breakup of the Band & Liam and Noel Gallagher's Final Fight

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Just another sunny afternoon, walkin' to the sound of my favorite tune...Well, not really as Noel Gallagher walked out on his band Oasis during a European tour on 23 May 2000, hours before a Paris gig after yet another bust-up with his brother Liam. Many times before and many times after their relationship was full of feuds, hatred but from time to time, the brothers showed some brotherly love and definitely (maybe) did some great music together. But that did not stop them finally splitting up in 2009.

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