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  • CAVALIER - CHTĚLI BY JI MÍT (prod. Jan Sokolowski)

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  • Cavalier - 300 Thousand (feat. Night Lovell)

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  • Fox Stevenson - Cavalier

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  • James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier (Samuraii Remix)

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  • Cavalier - Masks

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  • Charles II of England Biography

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  • Oliver Cromwell Biography

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  • Calvinism: A Very Short Introduction | Jon Balserak

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  • What is Whigs (British political party)?, Explain Whigs (British political party)

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  • Why “Vulgar Latin” isn’t used by linguists anymore

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  • Tory Lanez - Lady Of Namek [Official Music Video]

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  • Houses of History - Explore the story of Parliament and democracy

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  • New Model Army No Rest Top Of The Pops 02/05/85

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The term Cavalier was first used by Roundheads as a term of abuse for the wealthier Royalist supporters of King Charles I and his son Charles II of England during the English Civil War, the Interregnum, and the Restoration. It was later adopted by the Royalists themselves. Although it referred originally to political and social attitudes and behaviour, of which clothing was a very small part, it has subsequently become strongly identified with the fashionable clothing of the court at the time. Prince Rupert, commander of much of Charles I's cavalry, is often considered to be an archetypal Cavalier.

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