First kamikaze attack of World War II

First kamikaze attack of World War II

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  • Footage of a Kamikaze attack on the USS Essex, 25 november 1944

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  • Okinawa Japanese Kamikaze Attack on US Navy Fleet WW2 Footage April 1945

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  • Kamikaze versus USS St. Lo (CVE-63) - 25 October 1944

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  • Suicide Bomber Pilots, Footage from WW2, 1945

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  • New exhibit reveal letters of the Japanese Kamikaze Pilots

    YouTube 02:44
  • Surviving Kamikazes and the Battle of Surigao Strait | AARP

    YouTube 05:16

Kamikaze were suicide attacks by Japanese aviators against Allied vessels in the closing stages of the Pacific campaign. They were used to destroy vessels more effectively than was possible with conventional attacks. Japan was losing the war but refused to surrender, which led to the use of kamikaze tactics.

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